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Firehall Field may get new look in future

Firehall Field has been part of the Prescott landscape for many years. Here is a picture from 1947 of the field. Submitted photo1 / 2
Crazy About Baseball (CAB) Company wants to take over at Firehall Field and make improvements to the field including adding lights, a grandstand, a formal concession stand and a playground. Submitted photo2 / 2

Could changes be in the works for Prescott's Firehall Field? The Prescott City Council heard a proposal detailing possibilities at its June 11 meeting.

Dallas Eggers, president of Crazy About Baseball (CAB) Company, and Brady Randolph, treasurer of CAB Company, were at the city council meeting to speak about the possibility of CAB Company taking over Firehall Field from the Prescott School District. Eggers said the school would retain ownership of the field but CAB would lease it for a minimal amount (like $1 per year).

Eggers said they have been working with the school on the logistics of CAB Company taking over. One topic has been the sale of alcohol at the field . Eggers said no state law bans the sale. He said a school policy doesn't allow the sale of alcohol. Eggers said the school is looking to change that policy if CAB Company takes over; if alcohol is sold on the property it would only be during Pirates games and not during others.

Prescott Mayor David Hovel said if alcohol sales move forward, the group would need to apply for a license with the city; they would also need to prevent people from wandering with their alcohol.

Eggers said they would like upgrade to industry standard lights so night games can be held at the field. If this is done, CAB would like the city to consider passing a new rule or ordinance dealing with lighting usage hours. He recommends 9:45 p.m. be the cutoff for the last inning played. Teams would have to finish whatever inning they are playing at 9:45 p.m. Eggers said on Friday and Saturday maybe a later time for last inning played could be considered.

"I would say last inning at 9:30," Hovel said. "An inning can last a long time."

No decision was made, but will be considered as plans move forward.

Eggers said CAB Company has been involved with Firehall Field for the last 20 years and wants to expand its field capabilities.

"We are a direct result of the school district not having time or money to take care of the field," Eggers said about CAB. "Fact of school funding, school budgets are squeezed."

Eggers said CAB has spent $151,000 in work on the field including putting in a new infield and providing field irrigation. However, before they move forward with more spending of close to $500,000, CAB wants to make sure it has more authority in regards to the field.

"We are using our money and want to make decisions with our money and not [have to go] to school board [for approval]," Eggers said.

In addition to lights, CAB Company wants to add a new scoreboard, a formal concession stand, a grandstand and a playground area. CAB wants to make the baseball field something for the entire city.

"Not just a baseball field, a community gathering place as it has previously been," Eggers said.

Eggers said the uniqueness of the field will not change.

"You sit right on top of it [the baseball game]," Eggers said. "You are 50 feet away. You are so close to game. We wanted to keep a small town atmosphere, keeping fans right on top of field."