One week after penalties and stalled drives sapped Red Wing's chances at a win, it appeared that one of those issues were corrected but the other was still a problem as the Wingers lost to Plainview-Elgin-Millville, 49-6, on Friday.

Red Wing wasn't called for a single infraction Friday night, but went 0-for-2 on fourth down attempts and 5-of-15 on third down conversions. The end result of that was eight punts that accounted for nearly three times as many yards as what the Wingers gained as an offensive unit.

Offensively, the Wingers ran 51 plays — 12 more than P-E-M. Red Wing also held the advantage in time of possession by over 14 minutes. Controlling the tempo and winning the time of possession are goals of Red Wing this year and were an improvement from a week ago. However, for all that time Red Wing held the ball, they only averaged 1.5 yards per play.

On defense, Red Wing played fairly well although it may not appear that way when looking at the scoreboard. To start the game, the Bulldogs had a 42-yard kick return, giving them the ball at Red Wing's 36-yard line. Two plays later, they scored a touchdown. Their next drive was a three-and-out, and although they scored on their third drive of the game, it again started in Red Wing territory.

P-E-M held a 21-0 lead through the first quarter but one touchdown came via punt return and the other two were from short fields to work with.

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Once the second quarter began, Red Wing was forced into their fourth three-and-out of the game and with the punt, P-E-M once again started their drive on the Wingers' side of the field. Three plays later, and they had built a 28-0 lead.

Red Wing got their offense out of first gear in the ensuing possession and took the ball into P-E-M territory, but a couple of negative yardage runs and a sack killed the drive, forcing a punt. The Wingers forced a quick three-and-out and marched right back down the field but a failed fourth-down conversion gave the Bulldogs the ball back.

The Wingers' defense held firm as Mitch Seeley intercepted a pass and the Bulldogs were called for a facemask on the return so it gave Red Wing one final play, nine yards out from the endzone. Wyatt Gonsior completed the pass to Reese Tripp for the touchdown to put Red Wing on the board, but the extra point was blocked so the score was held to 28-6 entering the break.

When the second half began, Red Wing's first three possession all resulted in three-and-outs, whereas P-E-M scored on all three of its possessions — none of which started worse than their own 40-yard line.

Red Wing had their longest drive of the game in their last possession — a 12-play, six-minute march that made it inside the Bulldogs' 20-yard line but two incomplete passes and two sacks caused a turnover on downs. P-E-M took over possession and let the clock run out to end the game.

Offensive leaders for Red Wing included Cooper Chandler, who went 3-of-15 for 11 yards. Antonio Finley was the leading ball-carrier, rushing for 50 yards on 11 carries. Kaleb Hove had 32 yards on nine carries. Jonah Reps had two catches for 16 yards.

Red Wing, 0-2, currently doesn't have a game on its schedule next week. If that remains, it will next play Oct. 30 in its first home game of the season against Lake City.