On Tuesday, the East Ridge and Woodbury boys golf teams competed in its first match of the season. The two teams traveled to River Oaks Golf Course in Cottage Grove and both teams finished in the top half of the standings.

The Raptors finished three strokes behind the top finisher, Stillwater, and earned second place overall. The Royals also had a strong day finishing in fifth place and was nine strokes behind fourth-place White Bear Lake.

"It was a good day for the East Ridge golfers," said East Ridge head coach Bret Brookins. "The golf course was in good condition. I think this was a confidence boost to start the season against some strong teams in our conference."

East Ridge had consistency from every player on Tuesday, which helped the Raptors earn that second place spot. Caden Pratt finished with the lowest score at 79, while Aaron Beissler finished with an 80.

Reece Hoyme and Gus Briguet each ended with an 82 and Justin Luan finished with a score of 84. Tyler Wenshau completed his round with an 86.

Brookins said he's looking for consistency in the team as a whole as well as consistency throughout the season. That goal was achieved in the first match and will be looked to continue during the April and May season.

The Royals also had a strong day with Carter Spalding leading the team with a score of 80. Willie Price and Parker Sands came in right behind him with scores of 85 and 88.

Kolton Gribble, Christopher Mahady and Ryan Muzzy rounded out the Woodbury team with individual scores of 89, 92 and 94.

Similar to East Ridge, Woodbury's head coach Shawn Mahady said he wants the Woodbury team to be consistent in score. The next steps for both teams is to continue lowering those scores throughout the season.

The next match for East Ridge and Woodbury will be up in the air depending on the snow that comes to the cities this upcoming weekend. The next match scheduled is on Monday, April 15 at Troy Burne Golf Club in Hudson, Wisconsin.

The season could potentially be placed on hold as golf courses dry from the snow storm, but that doesn't mean the work is done. The Royals and Raptors plan on working in the dome and in the weight room to continue building their skills both physically and mentally.

"The spring golf season is tough because the weather changes all the time," Brookins said. "We will be working though, whether it's inside or outside. The season is always continuing for us."