For Sophia Yoemans and Leah Herzog, the spotlight is still on them after the two shot a 63 and 66 respectively in the state meet last season. As seniors, the two aren't shooting for more records though.

"We always go over goals for each person on our team. Both of our goals were the same," Herzog said. "It's our last (season) and we want to make the most of it. (We) don't want to get caught up in all of the pressure, expectations or anything like that."

Yoemans said the two can make improvements still, but neither her nor Herzog are worried about topping their state performances from the previous year. Having realistic expectations is what Red Wing head coach Mark Herzog has preached coming into the season.

"Chances of you shooting 63 are about zero," he said of the message before the season. "It's never been done until last year. Don't try to live up to some unrealistic expectations. You can be a better golfer and shoot a 71, it doesn't mean you've gotten worse.

"Keep going through the process of working on your short game. Keep working on your swing. Whatever you have at the end of the round is the best you have for that day. Then the next day go out and do it again."

Herzog and Yoemans, who each have signed letters of intent to play golf in college, say that they have gotten better over the years because of their friendship. The two routinely pick each other up, but keep somewhat competitive with mini challenges before playing their rounds.

"I think the reason why we've gotten so good is because we've always had each other," Yoemans said. "We've always had each of us pushing each other. It's always nice to have someone to play golf with to make it more fun."

As for the fun, Herzog and Yoemans said the rest of the team has an upbeat attitude to the season.

"All these girls are really excited about golf, which is kind of getting rare these days to have girls that want to play golf," Yoemans said.

Mark said the entire roster from last year returns for this season. Having everyone back leads him to believe that the team as a whole can be better.

"Three through six, we were averaging roughly 100 to 104 for those golfers (last season)," Herzog said. "I would suspect they are all going to be close to breaking 90 this year."

Herzog said the team has at least six girls vying for four spots. Ava Bremseth, Ashton Chandler, Bailie Rocshen, Brianna Novak, Grace Dube, Lily Befort and Sydney Flack all were named by Herzog as ones who most likely are the ones aiming for the four open spots.

Whoever it is that fills those spots, Yoemans and Herzog say they'll be working on improving their games while helping teammates to make improvements of their own.