Mounds View High School was filled with costumes, jazz shoes and many makeup kits as the girls prepared for another season of dance team.

East Ridge, Woodbury and Park all competed in the Suburban East Conference competition on Monday, Nov. 19. The Raptors received fifth place, while the Royals and Wolfpack followed them in sixth and seventh place respectively.

In these competitions, the points are distributed to 10 different categories that are each worth 50 points to make it a total of 500 points for each team. After those points are recorded, the points translate into a ranking with a lower rank being a better score.

Those 10 categories consist of: turns or kick technique, leaps or kick height, creativity, visual effectiveness, difficulty of routine choreography, difficulty of formations and transitions, difficulty of skills or kicks, placement and control, degree of accuracy and, lastly, routine effectiveness.

Forest Lake won the competition on Monday night with a total score of 351 out of 500 points, which corresponded to a rank of four. Mounds View was right behind them with second place as they scored a rank of five.

The Raptors finished fifth with 292 out of 500 points and a rank of 13.5 at the end of the night. East Ridge had two categories with its highest points of 31 and those two categories came from creativity and routine effectiveness. The Raptors lowest score of 26 came in the category of degree of accuracy.

The Royals ended the night in sixth place overall with a score of 240 points out of 500. That point total gave Woodbury a rank of 19.

The Royals had the highest category come from routine effectiveness with a total of 26. The lowest category was in creativity with a total score of 22. Overall, Woodbury averaged scores of 23 and 24 in the majority of the categories on Monday night.

Lastly, Park placed seventh on Monday night with a total of 231 points out of 500. That point total gave the Wolfpack a rank of 20.

The Wolfpack were consistent in their categories as five of the 10 categories scored a 24. The lowest category came in creativity as Park scored a 21 in that area.

This is the first competition for these three schools and there will be at least two more competitions before the conference finals in January. The teams will continue working and perfecting their choreography until those finals in hopes of reaching the state tournament at the end of the season.