The East Ridge High School was packed with seven different schools as they prepared for another Suburban East Conference meet for the dance teams.

The dance teams got together on Monday, Nov. 26 for the jazz competition and this past Monday, the teams competed in the kick division.

Forest Lake took home the title from Monday with 358 out of 500 points, while Mounds View was a close second with 334 out 500 points.

East Ridge, Park and Woodbury finished fifth, sixth and seventh place respectively.

East Ridge had a range of scores from 28 to 34 in each of the 10 categories to create a final score of 311 out of 500 points. The Raptors scored the highest points (34) in degree of accuracy and routine effectiveness, while the lowest score (28) came in creativity.

East Ridge ended the night with a rank of 13, which was just ahead of Park with a rank of 18.

The Wolfpack had a range of scores from 24 to 29 to earn a final score of 263 out of 500 points. Park had the highest points (29) come from difficulty of kicks, while the lowest (24) came from creativity and difficulty of routine choreography.

Woodbury was only eight points behind the Wolfpack as the Royals scored a rank of 21 on Monday night.

The Royals had a range from 24 to 30 in each of the categories to score 255 points out of 500. Woodbury had the highest points (30) from difficulty of kicks, while the lowest points (24) came from difficulty of routine choreography.

The next time these three schools will compete against each other will be another Suburban East Conference meet. This time the schools will be competing in the jazz division on Wednesday, Dec. 19 at 6:30 p.m. at Stillwater High School.