The nordic ski teams have been wanting snow all season long and the teams received plenty of snow on Tuesday for their section 3A meet at Theodore Wirth Park.

The PWER and Math and Science nordic ski teams knew what was on the line as the top two teams and top six individuals not on those two teams would qualify for the state meet.

The intensity continued to increase throughout the day as the skiers finished their first race and prepared for their second race. For handful of of the Woodbury and Cottage Grove skiers, they were in perfect position to grab a spot at the state meet.

East Ridge will have two boys and two girls participating in the state meet next week, while Math and Science Academy will have one girl representing the Dragons at the state meet.

All five of the skiers qualified as individuals as the four schools weren't able to finish in the top two as a team. For four of the five skiers, this will be the first time they've competed at the state meet. The only returning skier to state is senior Michael Kenney.

On the boys side, Kenney and Sean Schiferl will be preparing for next week's meet. Kenney finished seventh overall with a classic race time of 16:01 and a free skate time of 14:39. Schiferl was the final individual skier to qualify in the section meet as he placed 16th overall. He had a classic time of 16:30 and a free skate time of 15:18.

Kenney is looking to improve his time and placement from last year's state meet where he finished in the middle of the pack. His times from last year's meet have improved tremendously as he recorded a classic time of 18:15 and a free skate time of 16:33 in the 2018 state meet.

On the girls side, Mary Kenney, Britt Harrison and Greta Hansen advanced to next week's state meet. Freshman Mary Kenney finished 11th overall with a classic time of 20:30 and a free skate time of 19:53.

The Dragons' eighth-grader, Hansen, finished right behind her in 13th place with a classic time of 20:54 and a free skate time of 20:05. Sophomore Harrison earned the final individual spot in the section meet and placed 15th overall with a classic time of 21:04 and a free skate time of 20:58.

All five of these skiers will race one last time this season at the state meet at Giants Ridge in Biwabik, Minnesota, on Thursday, Feb. 14. The boys 5k freestyle will start the day at 10 a.m. with the girls 5k freestyle right after at 11:15 a.m.

Then, the boys 5k classical will be at 2 p.m. with the girls 5k classical race at 3 p.m. and the awards ceremony to follow after the final race.