The PWER nordic ski team sent four skiers, while Math and Science Academy sent one skier to the state meet on Thursday afternoon.

It was a day filled with memories for all five skiers and moments they will never forget, but it also allowed them to gain experiences that they can use in the future.

"This season has been so much fun because you can see the growth of a skier from one meet to another," said head coach Drew Voegele. "I'm just so proud of our skiers that made the state meet and represented this team this season."

The state meet took place at the Giants Ridge Resort in Biwabki, Minnesota.

Even though Michael Kenney was at the state meet last season, this year was more special because he raced with his younger sister, Mary Kenney.

"Being able to share this memory with my sister is pretty special," said Michael Kenney. "This will be a moment I remember for a very long time."

The PWER nordic team had two boys represent the team in the boys race. Michael Kenney was the top finisher for the team as the East Ridge skier finished 95th overall with a time of 34:31.1.

Sean Schiferl from East Ridge was the second boy to finish with a placement of 132nd overall with a time of 36:34.4.

"You make small goals along the season to reach with the ultimate goal being able to qualify for state," Schiferl said. "It's fun to see those goals translate to this type of opportunity."

On the girls side, PWER has two girls in the race and Math and Science Academy has one girl. Mary Kenney from East Ridge was the top finisher for the girls as she ended up 125th overall with a time of 42:53.2.

"This is my first time competing at state," said Mary Kenney. "I'm just hoping to learn from this meet and improve into next season."

Britt Harrison from East Ridge was right behind her teammate as she finished 145th with a time of 44:59.3.

"The state meet is what every skier strives for during the season," Harrison said. "To make it this far and represent your team, it's truly an honor and so much fun to be apart of."

The Dragons has Greta Hansen participate in the meet and she finished 157th overall with a time of 48:50.9. The good part for Hansen is that she's only an eighth-grader which means she has plenty of time to grow.

Math and Science Academy head coach Alex Brault said he was overjoyed to see Hansen reach the state meet.

"This is an unbelievable experience for Greta and a chance of a lifetime," Brault said. "I'm so proud of Greta and I can't wait to see what the future holds for her as only an eighth-grader."