Ten years ago Dick and Carol Rinehart, owners of Dick's Fresh Market, saved the junior varsity sports program at River Falls High School. The school budget was going to eliminate JV sports due to a budget shortage of $26,000 needed to keep the program available.

Dick and Carol went in front of the school board and personally guaranteed the $26,000 to keep the JV sports program going, because without JV sports the varsity program would diminish. Dick and Carol asked the community to help with raising the money for the JV sports program by collecting their receipts from the purchases of their groceries when shopping at Dick's Fresh Market. With every $150,000 in receipts, Dick's Fresh Market would write a check to JV sports for $1,000. The community raised the money in less than two years. JV sports was saved and is still going strong today.

In May 2018 the River Falls High School Athletic Booster Club was born. Dick's Fresh Market decided to help in the same way it did for the JV program. For every $150,000 in receipts, Dick's would donate $1,000. As of May 2019 Dick's Fresh Market will have donated $5,000 to the RFHS Booster Club. This donation has helped with purchasing new uniforms, sports equipment, cameras for filming games and so much more.

The River Falls High School Athletic Booster Club is a charitable volunteer organization comprised of parents, coaches, administrators and community members. The RFHS Booster Club supports student athletes through incremental funding used to support all 22 sports teams at the River Falls High School. Last year, the club funded over $15,000 to support athletic needs. The two primary fundraisers each year are the membership drive and the annual Gala, set for Jan. 18, 2020 at Kilkarney Hills Golf Club.

The 2019 membership drive begins May 1 and runs through the beginning of the school year. For more information on how to become a member, like them on Facebook or visit Rfhsboosters.org