Hastings High School athletics is holding a "paver brick" fundraiser as part of the current renovations being done to Todd Field and McNamara Stadium. Part of the renovation includes a new ticket booth at the west end of the stadium and HHS is selling bricks that will be installed outside of that new ticket booth. The bricks can be used to represent local businesses, organizations, honor loved ones, etc.

A press release posted by the school on the athletics website says that "the primary purpose of the paver brick project is to allow our community to be 'a part' of the stadium. While there is a fundraiser component, net profit is not a significant goal. Each brick costs about $50 to produce and install. Net profits from the sale of the bricks will be used in ways that can benefit as many kids as possible. For example, they could be used to improve or add to the stadium venue for particular needs that arise there like storage units in locker-rooms, weather tents or technology. Some funds will be retained in order to replace or repair existing bricks that may become damaged or worn over the years."

Each brick is 4 inches-by-8 inches and can hold three lines of text, with each line consisting of 18 characters including spaces. One brick costs $85, while two will cost $160 and three $230. The max order is three bricks. Orders are due by June 10 and the bricks will be installed in August of 2019. For more information, go to https://www.hastingsathletics.org/news_article/show/1018175 and here is the link to the order form: https://forms.gle/FGoqGdXNWssurJCP6.