Tagging rules have changed, but registration requirements have not. Lucky hunters are still required to register their harvested deer electronically by 5 p.m. the day after being recovered. The GameReg system is simple, fast and convenient for hunters.

Hunters have three options for registering:

• online at http://GameReg.wi.gov

• by phone at 1-844-426-3734 (1-844-GAME-REG)

• at a walk-in registration site where the process will be completed electronically. A full list of registration sites can be found on the department web site.

The GameReg system will prompt hunters to answer a series of questions, beginning with the deer tag number and the hunter's date of birth.

Deer tags

Even with the recent elimination of the requirement to carry paper deer carcass tags, hunters are still required to carry proof of their deer tags, and fill those tags only within the deer management unit and zone designated on the tag. Hunters have several options as to how they carry proof of their deer tags including paper copies, a DNR issued Conservation Card, a GoWild validated Wisconsin driver's license, or a GoWild digital file as proof of tags. The deer tag number is an important component of registering their deer.

Hunters also no longer are required to validate their tag, attach the tag to their deer or keep their used deer tag after the animal is processed. Hunters are reminded they must know the tag number in order to begin the harvest registration process.

Tagging rules have changed for 2017 - be sure to check the DNR website or watch Wild Wisconsin for more information.

All previously issued deer carcass tags are still valid as an authorization to hunt within the assigned or designated location. Hunters making additional purchases throughout the remainder of this year's hunting seasons will be issued products that will not include the usual validation and attachment language.

For any questions or to report a violation, call Conservation Warden Paul Sickman at 715-684-2914 ext. 120.