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Gallery: Pierce County Herald Hunters Showcase 2018

Ten-year-old Gavin Klos harvested his first deer, an 8-point buck with an 18.5-inch spread at 6:30 p.m. on the Sunday night of the Youth Hunt on the family farm in the town of Hartland. Proud dad Jim Klos said Gavin missed a nice buck on Saturday, but was all smiles with this one, which registered 180 pounds hanging weight at Pierce Co. Meats. Photo courtesy of Jim Klos1 / 11
Ellie Nawrocki, 11, of Prescott shot her third antlered buck with a crossbow on Sunday, Oct. 14, in Pierce County. Photo courtesy of Chad Nawrocki2 / 11
Greenwood Elementary School fourth grader Jordyn Senoraske, age 9 of River Falls, shot her first bow buck Sept. 16 near Alma, Wis. The 11-pointer dressed out at 196 pounds. Photo courtesy of Brian Senoraske.3 / 11
Fourteen-year-old Justin Vanasse of River Falls shot a 6-point buck during his first bow season, Saturday morning, Nov. 3 at his uncle's house in Wheeler, Wis. Photo courtesy of Tracy Vanasse 4 / 11
Mercedes Colburt, age 10, was deer hunting with a crossbow when she bagged this 6-point buck Saturday, Sept. 22 at dusk just south of Ellsworth. Photo courtesy of proud grandparents Jane and Jim Nelson5 / 11
Amanda Stiles, of rural Prescott, bagged her first buck on a beautiful night in the stand Oct. 12, when she harvested this 9-pointer in Pierce County. It had to be dragged from “the deepest ravine possible,” Stiles said. Photo courtesy of Jake Schiller6 / 11
This brother and sister duo were successful hunters in the 2018 Youth Hunt held the weekend of Oct. 6-7. Vada Flett (left) harvested a beautiful 6-point buck in Polk County while hunting with her grandpa Denny Langer on Saturday evening. Dade Flett (right) harvested a 6-point buck in Pierce County while hunting with his dad, Jake, on Sunday evening. These were the first ever bucks taken by both hunters, who are from River Falls. Photo courtesy of Tami Langer7 / 11
Darrel Perry of Spring Valley downed this 10-point buck Oct. 27 in Spring Valley. The buck had a 15-inch spread. Photo courtesy of Marie Perry 8 / 11
Kyle Kurrelmeyer, of Beldenville, harvested this nice 14-pointer while bowhunting Sept. 21. Photo courtesy of Michele Kurrelmeyer.9 / 11
Riley Blodgett, age 8, harvested his first buck near Rock Elm this fall. The 6-pointer had about a 10-inch spread. He shot it from about 100 yards, his mom said, and it weighed about 140 pounds. Photo courtesy of Ashley Blodgett10 / 11
Ten-year-old Austin Johnson of Prescott shot his first deer ever, a spike buck, on Oct. 7 during the Youth Hunt. His mom said he shot the deer in the front shoulder while hunting near Webster in Burnett County. “He had a blast and was super excited,” she said. He is pictured with his dad, Eric. Photo courtesy of Steph Johnson11 / 11

The first round of the 2018 Pierce County Herald Hunters Showcase is in!

Please don't forget to send us your photos after gun deer hunting. Send them to Sarah at Please include name of the hunter, age (if a child), town of residence, area where deer was harvested (general vicinity is fine as we know you don't want to give away your secret spots), number of points and inch spread (if a buck), weight if known and any other details you find interesting.