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Gallery: Pierce County Herald Hunters Showcase 2018

Ten-year-old Tobey Anderson, Plum City, took part in his first gun hunt, and out-hunted his dad and uncle with the biggest buck! He shot this 8 pointer with a 15.5-inch spread at the family farm in Pierce County on opening day. He is pictured with his dad, Rich. Photo courtesy of Kerri Anderson1 / 15
Kylee Flanders, 15, of Wilson, harvested a 9-point buck recently in the Rock Elm area; it was her first deer. Her proud dad, Nate Flanders, said the deer was a fighter as he had some broken points. The inside spread measured 22.5 inches and it weighed 180 pounds dressed. Photo courtesy of Nate Flanders 2 / 15
Eight-year-old Charlie Nawrocki shot this Pierce County buck on Nov. 19 using a .243 Savage. The buck had 10 points and was shot out of the same stand where he shot a 6-point during the archery season using a crossbow. He was hunting with his father Chad for both bucks. Photo courtesy of Chad Nawrocki3 / 15
Haeli Casey, age 13, of Spring Valley, harvested her first deer ever, a doe, in Maiden Rock Township this season. Photo courtesy of mom Jessica Casey4 / 15
Brady Kirchner, 10 years old, of Ellsworth, harvested an 8-point buck near Maiden Rock Nov. 21. It was his first buck. Photo courtesy of Stephanie Kirchner5 / 15
Brayden Turner, age 8, Spring Valley, harvested his first deer during this year’s youth hunt. Photo courtesy of Josh Turner 6 / 15
Dawn Hendershot harvested this 12-point buck on opening day (Nov. 17) in the Rush River Valley. It weighed more than 200 pounds and measured a 17-inch spread. It was her largest deer ever, she said. Photo courtesy of Dawn Hendershot7 / 15
Bailey Ahlers, age 14, of River Falls, is pictured with her first buck, a 155-pound 8-pointer. She shot i in Pepin County on opening morning. Photo courtesy of Leonard Ahlers8 / 15
Christopher Brock of Bay City shot his first deer during the 2018 season. Photo courtesy of Matt Bechel9 / 15
Twenty-year-old Haley Huppert, town of River Falls, shot her first big buck in Pierce County on her parents’ land. The 12-pointer measured an inside spread of 16 inches. ”I was with my boyfriend Nick when i shot him! He helped me a lot! Was a very exciting experience as he was my first big buck!” said Huppert. Photo courtesy of Haley Huppert10 / 15
Roger Nelson, of Ellsworth, harvested a 15-point buck Saturday, Nov. 17 on County Road A near the Rush River, Maiden Rock. The buck’s hanging weight came in at 180 pounds. It measured a 17.5-inch spread. Photo courtesy of Amber Graetz11 / 15
Nate Haze, or Red Wing, harvested this 7-pointer with a 10-inch spread in spread Bay City on opening day. Photo courtesy of Jordan Eggenberger12 / 15
Wyatt Lindblom, 14, of Bay City, harvested a nice doe Sunday, Nov. 18 near Lund. Photo courtesy of Devin Feuerhelm13 / 15
Ten-year-old Max Olson, a fourth-grader at St. Francis School in Ellsworth, harvested an 8-pointer the opening morning of gun deer season in Beldenville. Photo courtesy of Angie Olson14 / 15
Melissa Frion, of Ellsworth, harvested her first buck opening day, Nov. 17, near Maiden Rock. The buck had 5 points. Photo courtesy of Nick Frion15 / 15

The second round of the 2018 Pierce County Herald Hunters Showcase is in!

Please don't forget to send us your photos if you haven't yet! Send them to Sarah at Please include name of the hunter, age (if a child), town of residence, area where deer was harvested (general vicinity is fine as we know you don't want to give away your secret spots), number of points and inch spread (if a buck), weight if known and any other details you find interesting.