Each year the Pierce County Land Conservation Department holds a tree sale for landowners to purchase bare root seedlings or transplants at a low cost.

Several varieties of trees that are native to Wisconsin, including conifers, hardwoods, small trees and shrubs are available for purchase. This year the department is offering Arborvitae, River Birch, Common Chokecherry, Midwest Crab, Silky Dogwood, Balsam Fir, Red Maple,

Burr Oak, White Pine and White Spruce. Trees are sold in bundles of 25 and range in

height from 6-24 inches tall at the time of pick up.

They may be planted for any purpose such as windbreaks, reforestation, erosion control, food and cover for wildlife, or ornamental plantings. Orders are disbursed at the Pierce County Fairgrounds in Ellsworth in mid to late April.

Order forms are available on the Pierce County Land Conservation Department webpage at www.co.pierce.wi.us. Or you may obtain an order form by calling the department at 715-273-6763. Order soon to reserve your species of choice!