Cheryl Iverson has gone all-in on biking.

Whether it's road races, sprint races, trail biking or fat tire biking, Iverson has fully embraced the whole range of competitive biking available in the area.

Iverson has been taking part in the group rides for several years offered by the Big Ring Flyers Race Team which holds events all around St. Croix County. Iverson, 51 of Hudson, became a member of the Flyers last spring. From the sheer joy in her voice about the biking, it's clear that she enjoys the experience.

"It's a really good group of people who are all very encouraging," she said.

You won't find Iverson competing for race championships; that's not what she's looking for from the experience.

"I'm last in a lot of (the races), but I'm out there doing it. I wanted to get more fit and more in shape," she said. "Several people in the group have had significant weight loss."

With her children grown and now a grandmother, Iverson said she found she had available time. She first started regaining her fitness by running in her early 40s. Iverson was an athlete in high school at Lake Mills and the enjoyment of being active quickly returned. Now, with her different interests in biking, she has the opportunity to be involved in group rides every week and different competitions every weekend. One that is near to her heart is an MS bike ride from Duluth to St. Paul which she has completed four times.

She said she enjoys the variety in the different styles of riding, from the strategy needed in the sprint timed events to the endurance of the road races, to the physical challenges that the fat tire and cross country races offer.