Ryan Brueske and his wife, Kannika, were driving home from the last day of school celebration for St. Patrick students at Burton Field in Hudson on Wednesday, June 12 when Kannika spotted abear near Laurel Avenue and Seventh Street.

"The bear walked across Laurel Avenue right in front of a truck and climbed into a tree between 652 and 639 Laurel," Ryan said in an email. "I alerted the neighbor in 652 and he shut his garage and watched the bear from behind his backyard fence. I took pictures by the mailboxes from about 50 feet away.

"The bear seemed agitated and perhaps nervous. Numerous cars drove by without noticing. We stayed for about 15 minutes. I had called 911 and they gave me the 800 number of a service out of Rhinelander that said if you would like to report a bear sighting, please leave a message and we may call you back."