The Rosemount bass fishing team competed in their first Greater South Regional tournament on Friday, June 21, on the Jefferson Chain (of lakes) near Elysian, Minn. The Irish teams were littered throughout the top 20 while Matt Boerboom took home the award for the largest bass caught at 5.24 pounds, along with his partner Ben Hoover.

While the results are still unofficial, here is each team and their placement: Reid Nelson and Will Tentis took 10th a total catch of 14.07 pounds while right behind them were Boerboom and Hoover with 13.92 pounds for 11th. Tyler Boyum and Aiden Sorsoleil finished in 13th with 13.68 pounds, Matt Warweg and Matt Dabrowski were 15th with 12.46 and Noah Glitto and Jack Morrison placed 17th (12.4).

In 27th and 28th were Bryce Groves/Jordan Loranger and Lance Nelson/Devon Sigala with 10.47 and 10.29 pounds respectively. Cam Andersona and Jimmy Oss took 38th with 6.87 pounds, and in 41st and 42nd were the teams of Collin and Justin Everman and Andrew Saurer and Zack Sickmann. The Evermans brought in 5.96 pounds of fish while Saurer and Sickmann had 5.66.