Last week I promised that I would reveal my new boat to you this week, but, before I can do that I need to tell you a story that leads up to my new boat purchase. Actually, the story really starts with my older brother Tuna. Yes, that is his given name. He was given that name by his childhood cronies and I would wager that some of his adult friends don’t even know the name given to him at birth by our parents.

A few years ago Tuna had some serious health issues and he ended up with some unplanned downtime on his hands. Now downtime can be good sometimes, except when it’s not your choice. Tuna decided early on that he needed something to look forward to that would take his mind off his situation. That diversion was to research what would be the purchase of his new boat.

I vividly recall talking with Tuna about the first boat he looked at: a Crestliner. Turns out, that was just the starting point. I’m not sure of the exact order but the further he got into his treatments, the bigger the boat and motor got. He went through them all. The list included Nitro, Lund, Ranger, Lowe and a host of other boats that never made the cut. When it was all said and done,he purchased a Ranger. That’s not the boat he envisioned when his journey started but that’s where his dream took him. Growing up, neither Tuna nor I would have ever dreamt of owning a boat like that and there he was, fishing the dream. I could not have been happier for Tuna.

Well in a weird and crazy twist of fate, I ended up traveling a similar unexpected journey just like Tuna. With unplanned time on my hands, I also needed a diversion. I stole from Tuna’s playbook and used my time to research new boats. I had so many boating catalogs and brochures that I had to carry them around in a backpack. In addition to that, I had boating websites bookmarked on my computer along with a host of YouTube videos.

During my research I left no stone unturned. I looked at all the boats available. I compared features and costs, and I kicked the figurative tires on them all. I decided on a Triton boat and motor that was shiny and fast. It was a boat that I never imagined that I would own, just like Tuna.

Now all of my time and thoughts are spent on figuring out something equally as important: how to use it as much as I possibly can.