Because the fishing opener was last weekend I should be writing about that, but the truth of the matter is that there’s just not much to tell you. I stayed at a cabin in northern Wisconsin where it was cold and windy. I only fished for a short period of time but I did manage to catch a bluegill and a largemouth bass. Fortunately I have more than a fishing report for you this week.

Normally it is quiet in the area where I stay but after it got dark on the first evening of my stay, the woods came alive with howling coyotes. There were two groups that seemed to be yelping at each other giving an eerie feel to the north woods. In the morning when I was walking around outside, I found a very large animal den that had been dug under the northeast side of the cabin. Given how far north I was, my first thought was a bear followed by maybe a badger and lastly, possibly a woodchuck. I smoothed out the dirt in hopes that I could decipher what it was by the tracks.

The next morning I went out to check the den and the area surrounding it, but I couldn’t really place the tracks that had been left. From the looks of it I thought maybe they were from a raccoon but they seemed a little small.

I went about my chores and one of those was splitting some wood. The cabin is primitive with no electricity or running water and the heat source is a wood stove. When done in small doses, cutting wood is kind of a simple pleasure. I was interrupted by a high-pitched kind of bark or yelp. The noise was coming from the back side of the cabin near the den site. I went to check it out and discovered six coyote pups staggering and stumbling out of the den, one by one. They were so young that they could barely walk and had absolutely no fear of humans.

They looked like a normal litter of canines and could have passed for German shepherd puppies if I hadn’t seen them come out from a den. Watching those coyote pups during my stay at the cabin was better than watching television. They played and explored their surroundings but never strayed too far from the den. Watching those pups turned out to be an unexpected treat.

If you would have told me before I headed up north that I wouldn’t spend much time in the boat due to the weather and that I wouldn’t even catch enough fish to eat, I don’t think I would have been excited enough to make the trip. However, I still had a great time and I got to see and experience something new. Turns out that even bad times up north are still pretty good.