One week after their schools were closed due to blizzard-like conditions, the Ellsworth, Prescott and Spring Valley track and field teams returned to competition where their weather-related setback was unnoticeable.

All three teams competed at the Prescott Invite on Thursday, April 18, and saw noteworthy performances from their athletes.

The New Richmond Tigers took first place on both the girls' and boys' sides, but the Prescott girls' and Ellsworth boys' teams both landed second-place finishes before the night was over.

The Prescott Cardinals slid into second place after junior Megan Gilles took first place in the 300-meter hurdles to give her team eight points and a three-point lead over Baldwin-Woodville.

Prescott's lead was dramatically increased after the 200-meter dash when the Cardinals earned the top-three finishes for the sprint event. Abby Syverson won the 200 with a time of 27.63 seconds, Grace Carlson took second with a time of 28.17 seconds and Tori Benck crossed the finish line at 28.37 to take third.

The Cardinals' second-place finish was also insured by a few distance runners who added team points late in the night. Sammy Braunlich and Allie Murphy finished the 800-meter run within two seconds of each other and took third and fourth place, while Amanda Auleciems took second place in the 3,200-meter run with a time of 13 minutes, 29.89 seconds.

The second-place Ellsworth boys' team saw an exciting 1,600-meter run from freshman Kohl Flock and junior Ivan Mendez. Mendez led for the majority of the race, but Flock used his last kick in the final stretch to pass his upperclassman and win the race with a time of 5:05.75. Medez came in 1.11 seconds behind Flock, and the race's top-four finishers finished within four seconds of each other. Prescott junior Tristan Winkler took fourth in the four-lap race with a time of 5:09.24.

The Panther boys also received first-place finishes from freshmen Max Grand and Ashton Quade along with senior Jordan Schlicting. Grand took first in the 100 with a time of 11.86 seconds, Quade won the 400-meter dash with a time of 55.63 seconds and Schlicting won the pole vault by clearing 11 feet, six inches.

The Prescott boys finished in third place with 57 team points and were led by junior Wyatt Holum who was the lone male Prescott Cardinal to take first at the Thursday invite. Holum cleared 5-10 to win the high jump.

Prescott was also lifted by Brett Nelson who became the 300-meter hurdle runner-up after completing the race in 45.85 seconds.

The Ellsworth girls finished in fourth place with 48.5 points and earned first-place finishes from Aly Reuvers and Stella Anderson. Reuvers won the 100-meter dash after crossing the finish line at 13.49, and Anderson added eight points to her team's 48.5 total by clearing 5-0 in the high jump for a first-place finish.

The Spring Valley Cardinals were the smallest team at Thursday's meet, but the competition didn't slow down Spring Valley senior Dylan Bosshart any. Bosshart took first in both the 100-meter hurdles and long jump and added a second-place finish in the high jump before the night was over.

Bosshart's first-place finishes were matched by sophomore Nate Fesenmaier who finished as the top discus participant at yet another meet. Fesenmaier recorded a mark of 127-3 to win his field event.

The Spring Valley girls' 4x800-meter relay team set the tone for their team by taking first in the meet's opening event. The Cardinals trailed New Richmond before the final leg of the relay, but Katherine Dieckman made a huge comeback to win the race and top the Tigers' team by 8.3 seconds.

Dieckman also benefited her team later in the day when she took second in the 1,600-meter run. The junior distance runner finished in second place with a time of 6:12.43 to add six points to her team's 32 total.

Both Spring Valley teams finished in fifth place at the five-team meet but held their own throughout the day.


1. New Richmond (127.5)

2. Prescott (101)

3. Baldwin-Woodville (68)

4. Ellsworth (48.5)

5. Spring Valley (32)


4x800-meter relay: 1. Spring Valley (11:41.85) 4. Prescott (12:09.49) 5. Ellsworth (12:14.09)

100-meter hurdles: 4. Kylee Flanders (Spring Valley, Fr., 21.41) 5. Grace Gale (Prescott, Fr., 22.21)

100-meter dash: 1. Reuvers (Ellsworth, Sr., 13.49) 3. Klatt (Spring Valley, Sr., 14.19)

Sprint medley relay: 1. Prescott 'A' (4:52.27) 2. Prescott 'B' (4:57.89) 3. Spring Valley (5:05.60) 5. Ellsworth (5:13.30)

1600: 2. Dieckman (Spring Valley, Jr., 6:12.43)

4x200: 2. Ellsworth (1:56.29) 5. Prescott (2:07.95)

400: 5. Molly Thomely (Prescott, Jr., 73.50)

4x100: 1. Prescott 'A' (51.44) 2. Ellsworth (52.71) 5. Prescott 'B' (56.66)

300-meter hurdles: 1. Gilles (Prescott, Jr., 50.21)

800: 3. Sammy Braunlich (Prescott, Jr., 2:46.07) 4. Allie Murphy (Prescott, Sr., 2:47.67)

200: 1. Syverson (Prescott, So., 27.63) 2. Grace Carlson (Prescott, So., 28.17) 3. Tori Benck (Prescott, So., 28.37) 5. Stella Anderson (Ellsworth, Jr., 28.64)

3200: 2. Amanda Auleciems (Prescott, Fr., 13:29.89) 3. Kira Penk (Prescott, So., 14:16.67) 4. Thomely (Prescott, Jr., 14:22.92) 5. CeCe Groh (Ellsworth, So., 14:41.03)

4x400: 4. Prescott (4:41.63) 5. Ellsworth (5:02.13)

Pole vault: 3. Maddie Matzek (Prescott, Fr., 6-6)

Triple jump: 2. Shelby Sizemore (Prescott, Fr., 27-4.5) 3. Avery Goehring (Prescott, Sr., 27-0.5) 5. Claire Straub (Ellsworth, Sr., 26-10.5)

Long jump: 2. Reuvers (Ellsworth, Sr., 15-5.5) 3. Benck (Prescott, So., 15-4.5)

High jump: 1. Stella Anderson (Ellsworth, Jr., 5-0) 3. Shelby Sizemore (Prescott, Fr., 4-6) 4. Klatt (Spring Valley, Sr., 4-6) 5. Emma Selzler (Ellsworth, Fr., 4-4)


1. New Richmond (148)

2. Ellsworth (91)

3. Prescott (57)

4. Baldwin-Woodville (42)

5. Spring Valley (40)


4x800: 3. Ellsworth (9:53.76) 5. Prescott (10:58.82)

100-meter hurdles: 1. Dylan Bosshart (Spring Valley, Sr., 16.89) 3. Brett Nelson (Prescott, Jr., 18.51)

100: 1. Max Grand (Ellsworth, Fr., 11.86) 3. Ashton Quade (Ellsworth, Fr., 12.28) 4. Brenden Williams (Spring Valley, Jr., 12.45)

Sprint medley relay: 1. Prescott 'A' (3:57.56) 4. Prescott 'B' (4:08.43) 5. Ellsworth (4:15.05)

1600: 1. Kohl Flock (Ellsworth, Fr., 5:05.75) 2. Ivan Mendez (Ellsworth, Jr., 5:06.86) 4. Tristan Winkler (Prescott, Jr., 5:09.24)

4x200: 3. Ellsworth (1:48.01) 4. Prescott (1:49.32)

400: 1. Quade (Ellsworth, Fr., 55.63) 5. Anthony Engler (Prescott, So., 60.37)

4x100: 2. Prescott (47.59) 5. Spring Valley (50.05)

300-meter hurdles: 2. Brett Nelson (Prescott, Jr., 45.85)

800: 3. Wyatt Nelson (Ellsworth, Fr., 2:19.91) 4. Freddy Magee (Prescott, Jr., 2:23.04)

200: 2. Grand (Ellsworth, Fr., 23.64) 3. Josh Gergen (Prescott, Fr., 24.38) 4. Williams (Spring Valley, Jr., 25.86)

3200: 2. Addison Peters (Ellsworth, So., 11:19.26) 3. Winkler (Prescott, Jr., 11:49.16) 5. Luke Hillman (Prescott, Jr., 12:05.05)

4x400: 3. Ellsworth (3:58.65) 5. Prescott (4:14.34)

High jump: 1. Wyatt Holum (Prescott, Jr., 5-10) 2. Bosshart (Spring Valley, Sr., 5-10) 4. Aiden Russel (Prescott, Fr., 5-6) 5. Williams (Spring Valley, Jr., 5-4)

Triple jump: 3. Jordan Schlicting (Ellsworth, Sr., 35-8.75)

Long jump: 1. Bosshart (Spring Valley, Sr., 18-6) 2. Quade (Ellsworth, Fr., 17-10.5) 3. Grand (Ellsworth, Fr., 17-8) 5. Engler (So., Prescott 16-6.75)

Pole vault: 1. Schlicting (Ellsworth, Sr., 11-6) 2. Braden Matzek (Ellsworth, So., 10-0) 5. Joey Syverson (Prescott, Sr., 8-6)

Discus: 1. Nate Fesenmaier (Spring Valley, So., 127-3) 3. Lance McMurrin (Spring Valley, Sr., 111-3) 5. Syverson (Prescott, Sr., 104-5)

This article will be updated when a question regarding the girls' discus results is clarified.