The Prescott Cardinals may have won the Ellsworth Invite on Thursday, April 25, but Ellsworth senior Aly Reuvers got the last laugh in the 200-meter dash.

Reuvers and Prescott sophomore Abby Syverson ran in lanes four and three of the fast heat of the girls' 200-meter dash Thursday night and sprinted with their strides in sync until Reuvers pulled away less than 50 meters ahead of the finish line.

Reuvers won the event with a time of 26.68 seconds and was followed by runner-up Syverson who followed at 27.15.

The Cardinals won the girls' side with 137.50 team points, defeating the fifth-place Panthers by 50.50 points, but the Ellsworth vs. Prescott rivalry came alive in several events on Thursday night.

Syverson won the 100-meter dash in 13 seconds flat and was followed by runner-up Prescott sophomore Grace Carlson. Stella Anderson led the Panthers in the 100 with a fourth-place finish after coming in .05 seconds behind Carlson, and the Ellsworth junior was trailed by Prescott junior Megan Gilles who crossed the finish line at 13.27.

The two teams ran neck and neck in the 4x200-meter relay where Prescott took first place with a time of one minute, 51.02 seconds and Ellsworth took second with a 1:54.82 finish.

Signs of a new rivalry showed between Prescott freshman Shelby Sizemore and Ellsworth freshman Emma Selzler who took fourth and fifth in the high jump. Sizemore cleared four feet, eight inches to take fourth, and Selzler took fifth after clearing 4-06. Anderson won the field event with a height of 5-04.

The rivalry was more pronounced on the boys' side where Prescott topped Ellsworth by one team point. The Cardinals finished in fourth place with 87 points while the Panthers tallied up 86.

Ellsworth freshman Max Grand and Prescott freshman Josh Gergen completed the 200-meter dash within .36 seconds of each other. Grand completed the sprint in 23.86 seconds for a third-place finish, and Gergen took fourth with a time of 24.22 seconds.

Gergen found himself finishing closely to an Ellsworth opponent in the 400-meter dash as well. The Prescott freshman was named the 400's runner-up after completing the race in 55.88 seconds and edging out Ellsworth sophomore Nick Erickson who took fourth with a time of 57.04 seconds.

The Panther boys defeated the Cardinals in the 4x400-meter relay to earn six team points with a third-place finish but were short 5.20 seconds from taking second place in the race and coming out on top of Prescott in the team standings.

The Elmwood Plum City Wolves also made their way to Ellsworth for the eight-time meet on Thursday night where they placed seventh on the girls' side and eighth on the boys'.

EPC junior Katie Feuker was responsible for all 21 of the Wolves' points. Feuker won the 1,600-meter run with a time of 5:58.61 and was the only runner to complete the race in under six minutes. Feuker also placed third in the 800-meter run and fourth in the long jump.

The EPC boys tallied up nine total points, which were earned by three athletes. John Henn took fifth in the discus and sixth in the shot put to contribute seven of his team's nine points while Cody Erickson earned a point by taking eighth in the 400-meter dash and Luke Webb added the ninth point by taking eighth in the triple jump.

Ellsworth and Prescott will continue their seasons on Tuesday, April 30, in Osceola at 3:45 p.m., and the Wolves will be off until their Monday, May 6, meet in Mondovi.


1. Prescott (137.50)

2. Amery (121)

3. Cannon Falls (108)

4. Somerset (91.50)

5. Ellsworth (87)

6. St. Croix Central (64)

7. Elmwood/Plum City (21)

8. Eleva Strum (16)


4x800-meter relay: 2. Prescott (11:38.31) 3. Ellsworth (12:03.75)

100-meter hurdles: 2. Gilles (Prescott, Jr., 17.62)

100-meter dash: 1. Syverson (Prescott, So., 13.00) 2. Carlson (Prescott, So., 13.09) 4. Anderson (Ellsworth, Jr., 13.14) 5. Gilles (Prescott, Jr., 13.27)

1600: 1. Feuker (Elmwood/Plum City, Jr., 5:58.61) 2. Ellie Groskopf (Prescott, Jr., 6:01.19) 3. Amanda Auleciems (Prescott, Fr., 6:21.26) 5. Kira Penk (Prescott, So., 6:27.71)

4x200: 1. Prescott (1:51.02) 2. Ellsworth (1:54.82)

4x100: 1. Ellsworth (53.17) 5. Prescott (55.17)

Throwers' relay: 2. Prescott (1:02.45)

300-meter hurdles: 2. Gilles (49.33)

800: 3. Feuker (2:41.15)

200: 1. Reuvers (Ellsworth, Sr., 26.68) 2. Syverson (27.15)

3200: 1. Sophie Vogel (Ellsworth, So., 15:33.64)

4x400: 1. Prescott (4:34.13) 3. Ellsworth (4:46.00)

High jump: 2. Anderson (5-04) 4. Sizemore (Prescott, Fr., 4-08) 5. Selzler (Ellsworth, Fr., 4-06)

Pole vault: t4. Maddie Matzek (Prescott, Fr., 7-00)

Long jump: 3. Reuvers (15-07) 4. Feuker (15-02)

Shot put: 2. Haylee Yaeger (Prescott, Sr., 35-05) 5. April Gipford (Ellsworth, Jr., 29-10.50)

Discus: 5. Yaeger (85-05)


1. Amery (166)

2. Somerset (156.50)

3. Cannon Falls (101)

4. Prescott (87)

5. Ellsworth (86)

6. Eleva Strum (42)

7. St. Croix Central (35.50)

8. Elmwood/Plum City (9)


4x800: 3. Ellsworth (9:24.76) 4. Prescott (9:46.17)

110-meter hurdles: 4. Nelson (Prescott, Jr., 17.71)

100: 2. Grand (Ellsworth, Fr., 11.24)

1600: 2. Flock (Ellsworth, Fr., 5:07.22) 4. Mendez (Ellsworth, Jr., 5:13.14) 5. Winkler (Prescott, Jr., 5:15.65)

4x200: 4. Ellsworth (1:45.98) 5. Prescott (1:48.19)

400: 2. Gergen (Prescott, Fr., 55.88) 4. Nick Erickson (Ellsworth, So., 57.04)

4x100: 5. Prescott (50.27)

Throwers' relay: 3. Prescott (54.10)

300-meter hurdles: 2. Nelson (43.78)

800: 5. Roy Majors (Prescott, So., 2:16.28)

200: 3. Grand (23.86) 4. Gergen (24.22)

3200: 2. Peters (Ellsworth, So., 11:17.19) 4. Perkins (Ellsworth, Sr., 11:30.54)

4x400: 3. Ellsworth (3:54.22) 4. Prescott (3:58.52)

High jump: 5. Aiden Russel (Prescott, Fr., 5-04)

Pole vault: 3. Jordan Schlighting (Ellsworth, Sr., 10-06) 5. Braden Matzek (Ellsworth, So., 10-06)

Shot put: 2. Joey Syverson (Prescott, Sr., 38-06)

Discus throw: 5. Henn (Elmwood/Plum City, Jr., 110-10)