As the regular season winds down, the Prescott Cardinals’ and Ellsworth Panthers’ strengths are becoming more pronounced.

On the girls’ side, the Cardinals and Panthers dominated in the sprint events to earn third- and fifth-place finishes at the eight-team St. Croix Central Invite on Tuesday, May 7. The Cardinals and Panthers earned four of the top-five finishes in the 100-meter dash and all five top performances in the 200.

Prescott sophomore Abby Syverson won the 100 with a time of 13.20 seconds and was followed by teammate Grace Carlson who completed the race in 13.32 seconds. Ellsworth senior Aly Reuvers took third behind Carlson with a time of 13.42 seconds, and Ellsworth junior Stella Anderson took fourth in the 100 with a time of 13.53 seconds.

All four were also the top performers in the 200. Reuvers won the 200 with a time of 26.70 seconds, Syverson took second (26.89), Anderson came in third (27.51), Carlson was the fourth runner to come in (27.52) and Prescott junior Megan Gilles took fifth in the 200 (27.64).

The two teams also excelled in the sprint relays. Prescott’s Gyles, Syverson, Tori Benck and Carlson won the 4x100-meter relay with a time of 52.78 seconds, while Ellsworth’s Reuvers, Anderson, Marina Boley and Kaitlyn Peterson came in second place after crossing the finish line at 52.78.

The Panthers were victorious in the four-team 4x200, which Claire Lawrence, Claire Straub, Peterson and Whitney Elsen completed in 58.25 seconds.

Both teams earned high finishes in the distance and field events, but they were much more sparse than those of the sprinters.

Prescott earned second- and third-place finishes from Amanda Auleciems and Kira Penk in the 3,200-meter run, and Ellsworth’s top distance finish came from its 4x800 team of Straub, Sophie Vogel, Emma Selzler and CeCe Groh who finished their relay in 11 minutes, 45.02 seconds.

Reuvers added a first-place finish for the Panthers in the long jump with a mark of 16 feet, 4.75 inches, and Anderson added eight Ellsworth points by clearing 5-00 in the high jump. Prescott’s top field event performances came from Benck in the long jump and Jada Iberg in the pole vault, both of whom took second in their respective field events.

The Cardinals ended the day with 106.75 points - 29.25 points behind the winning Menomonie team - and Ellsworth took fifth with 80 points. With more consistency in the distance and field events, the Cardinals and Panthers would have a stronger chance of competing with the top teams in the upcoming Middle Border Conference meet.

The exact opposite was true of the Prescott and Ellsworth boys teams.

The Ellsworth and Prescott boys found the most success in the 1,600 and 3,200 three of the top-five finishes in both events.

Ellsworth’s Addison Peters won the 3,200 with a time of 11:22.41 and was followed by Ellsworth Kyle Perkins and Prescott’s Luke Hillman who finishes in second and third place.

Ellsworth’s Kohl Flock was the 1,600’s runner-up after finishing the race in 5:04.08. He was followed by his junior teammate Ivan Mendez and Prescott freshman Eric Korfhage who finished 0.12 seconds apart from each other.

Both teams won one field event - Wyatt Holum was victorious for the Cardinals, and Jordan Schlicting won the pole vault for the Panthers. Holum won the high jump with his new personal-best height of 6-04, and Schlicting won the pole vault by clearing his personal-best height of 12-00, which he set at the Stan Barr Relays.

The Cardinal and Panther boys did not earn as many top-five finishes in the sprints as the girls teams did, but their freshmen held their own against their junior and senior peers.

Prescott freshman Josh Gergen took second in the 400 with a  personal-best time of 53.90 seconds, and his personal-best 200 time of 23.64 seconds earned him a third-place finish.

Ellsworth’s sprinters were led by freshmen Max Grand and Ashton Quade. Grand ran a new personal-best time of 23.80 seconds to earn a fourth-place finish, and Quade took fifth in the 100-meter dash with a personal-best time of 12.01 seconds.

The Cardinals and Panthers will have a week to prepare for the Middle Border Conference meet, which will be held at St. Croix Central High School at 4 p.m. on Tuesday, May 14.


  1. Menomonie (136)
  2. St. Croix Central (115.25)
  3. Prescott (106.75)
  4. Baldwin-Woodville (97.50)
  5. Ellsworth (80)
  6. Amery (52.50)
  7. Webster (46)
  8. Unity (38)


100: 1. Syverson (Prescott, So., 13.20) 2. Carlson (Prescott, So., 13.32) 3. Reuvers (Ellsworth, Sr., 13.42) 4. Anderson (Ellsworth, Jr., 13.53)

200: 1. Reuvers (26.70) 2. Syverson (26.89) 3. Anderson (27.51) 4. Carlson (27.52) 5. Gilles (Prescott, Jr., 27.64)

400: 5. Ella Linder (Prescott, Jr., 1:07.98)

1,600: 4. Ellie Groskopf (Prescott, Jr., 6:00.20) 5. Kira Penk (Prescott, So., 6:08.39)

3,200: 2. Auleciems (Prescott, Fr., 13:15.71) 3. Penk (13:24.99)

4x100: 1. Prescott ‘A’ (Gilles, Syverson, Benck, Carlson; 51.47) 2. Ellsworth ‘A’ (Reuvers, Anderson, Boley, Peterson; 52.78)

4x200: 1. Ellsworth ‘A’ (Lawrence, Straub, Peterson, Elsen; 58.25)

4x400: 5. Ellsworth ‘A’ (Straub, Elsen, Lawrence, Peterson; 4:52.16)

4x800: 3. Ellsworth ‘A’ (Straub, Vogel, Emma Selzler, CeCe Groh; 11:45.02)

High jump: 2. Anderson (5-00)

Pole vault: 2. Iberg (Prescott, Sr., 8-06)

Long jump: 1. Reuvers (Ellsworth, Sr., 16-04.75) 2. Benck (Prescott, So., 16-01.00)

Discus: 3. April Gipford (Ellsworth, Jr., 93-05)


  1. Menomonie (172.33)
  2. Amery (110.50)
  3. Ellsworth (80)
  4. Baldwin-Woodville (76.66)
  5. St. Croix Central (73.50)
  6. Unity (62)
  7. Prescott (59)
  8. Webster (46)


100: 5. Ashton Quade (Ellsworth, Fr., 12.01)

200: 3. Gergen (Prescott, Fr., 23.64) 4. Grand (Ellsworth, Fr., 23.80)

400: 2. Gergen (Prescott, Fr., 53.90)

1,600: 2. Flock (Ellsworth, Fr., 5:04.80) 3. Mendez (Ellsworth, Jr., 5:07.73) 4. Korfhage (Prescott, Fr., 5:07.85)

3,200: 1. Peters (Ellsworth, So., 11:22.41) 2. Perkins (Ellsworth, Sr., 11:22.87) 3. Hillman (Prescott, Jr., 11:58.11)

4x200: 2. Ellsworth ‘A’ (Grand, Schlicting, Quade, White; 1:37.76)

4x800: 4. Ellsworth ‘A’ (Braden Matzek, Wyatt Nelson, Flock, Nick Erickson; 9:20.64)

High jump: 1. Holum (Prescott, Jr., 6-04)

Pole vault: 1. Schlicting (Ellsworth, Sr., 12-00) 4. Matzek (Ellsworth, So., 11-00)

Long jump: 2. Engler (Prescott, So., 18-07.50) 5. Joey Hove (Ellsworth, Fr., 18-01.50)

Shot put: 5. Joey Syverson (Prescott, Sr., 38-06.50)