There are four Wehausen sisters who play for the St. Croix Central girls golf team.

There is no record in the area of four siblings having played on the same team before. Hanna Wehausen is a senior at Central. Her triplet sisters, Emily, Heidi and Jenna, are sophomores.

And from the words of the Central golf coaches, they are overjoyed to have all four sisters on the team.

"They are some of my favorite kids in my 11 years of teaching at SCC," said assistant coach Luke Fritsche. He taught all four in fourth grade and taught the triplets again in eighth grade. "All four of them are incredible and unique in their own way. While most people see them as very studious and serious in the classroom, they are notorious for being silly and having hilarious stories to tell about each other. The thing that stands out is how much they all care about each other and genuinely enjoy each other's company."

The bond between the girls is clear, as the triplets talk in glowing tones about their older sister. But they are also sisters. When asked if the triplets ever team up against their older sister, the smiles burst out, saying all that was needed. But Hanna said it is all in good fun.

Hanna got into golf first. In the past couple years, her sisters joined her in the sport. They play together often. Through the first years, Hanna would let the triplets play in a scramble format against her. Jenna piped in, saying that's no longer needed, because she's played her way into the varsity lineup.

Varsity coach Logan Kimberly said the season began with Hanna as the Panthers' fifth player and Jenna as the top junior varsity player. That quickly changed. Hanna is shooting an average of eight strokes better than last season and she's been consistent. That has moved her into the second spot in the Panther varsity lineup. Jenna has moved up to share the fifth slot in the varsity lineup. With their improvement, the Panthers have finished third or fourth in nearly every Middle Border Conference match this season.

"Both Emily and Heidi are on JV this year and have made important contributions to the growth and success of our 12 freshmen that we have out," Kimberly said. He has all four in class, with Hanna in his AP Physics class and the triplets in his Algebra 2 class.

"All four Wehausen girls are model students," Kimberly said. "They're all in the top of their classes as far as academics go, and I think that helps them with the mental aspect of golf."

Fritsche goes into detail about their personalities, from Heidi's love of horses to Emily's hunger for writing, to Jenna's being the social butterfly of the group.

"Even though they are all their own people, they've taken on Hanna's qualities of being great students who love to read and lead by quiet example through the school," Fritsche said.

The closeness of their relationship is best told in a story from Fritsche.

"When they were little, Hanna was the wise older sister who really led by example for the younger girls. The triplets and I would call her "Grandma Hanna" because she had gone on to the middle school and they were still in the elementary. No matter how many times we said it, we all giggle when "Grandma Hanna" got brought up. There's no doubt that the success of all the girls is directly related to Hanna's incredible ability to be a leader both in the classroom and everywhere in life. She's what we hope all of our seniors are like when they leave SCC," Fritsche said.