After going 2-1 to win the consolation bracket when they hosted the Raider Duals, Hastings took a step forward this past week. The Raiders went 7-0 in duals between a quadrangular at Tartan on Thursday, Dec. 6, and the Park Invitational on Saturday, Dec. 8. Thursday, the Raiders beat Tartan 74-3, North St. Paul 84-0 and Minneapolis South 69-9. Saturday at the Park Invitational Hastings won the championship with wins over Blue Earth 46-21, 51-12 over Eagan, 53-21 over rival Park and then beat Albert Lea 36-31 in the championship dual. Hastings improves to 9-1 in duals over the first two weeks of the season and will compete in the Minnesota Christmas Tournament in Rochester Friday and Saturday, Dec. 14-15.

Tartan Quad

The Tartan quadrangular saw the Raiders have their first two Metro East Conference duals as well as a non-conference one against Minneapolis South. Below are the combined results of all three duals by weight class:

106 pounds: Eighth-grader Josh Route lost by a 10-4 decision against Tartan, won by fall in 1 minute, 44 seconds against North St. Paul and received a forfeit against Minneapolis South.

113: Eighth-grader Aiden Erickson won by fall in 2:22 against the Titans and in 4:25 against the Polars while receiving a forfeit from South.

120: Freshman Blake Reamer won by fall in 3:50 in his first match and received forfeits in his second and third.

126: Senior Matt Myers won by fall in his first two matches (5:24 and 3:36) and then received a forfeit.

132: Senior Lynden Wilson won by fall in 3:34 against Tartan and junior John Kendall won by fall against North St. Paul in 0:57 before receiving another forfeit from Minneapolis South.

138: Senior Jesse Mimbach won by fall in 5:22 against Tartan and by an 11-4 decision over his opponent from Minneapolis South, while Wilson won by fall in 0:46 against North St. Paul.

145: Senior Paul Kendall received a forfeit against the Titans, by fall in 0:25 over his Polar opponent and by fall in 2:49 in his third match.

152: Senior Mac Wilson won by tech fall (17-2) against Tartan, by fall in 0:22 against North St. Paul and by fall in 1:33 against Minneapolis South.

160: Junior Devon McSorley won by a 10-2 major decision over his Titan opponent and senior Amar Thomas received a forfeit against the Polars before losing by fall in 3:56 against the Tigers.

170: Senior Corbin Leflay won all his matches by fall in 1:23 (Tartan), 0:22 (North St. Paul) and 0:34 (Minneapolis South).

182: Senior Alex O'Connor also won all three of his matches by fall in 0:31 (Titans), 0:35 (Polars) and 2:52 (Tigers).

195: Junior Mukhtar Ali won by tech fall (20-5) in his first match against Tartan and received a forfeit in his second against North St. Paul. Senior Godswill Pepple won by fall in 0:54 in his match against Minneapolis South.

220: Pepple received a forfeit against Tartan, won by fall in 1:33 against North St. Paul and then senior Brandon Klym lost by fall against Minneapolis South in 0:16.

285: Senior Luke Chamberlain won by fall against the Titans in 1:15 and received a forfeit against the Polars, while sophomore Jacob Wichern lost in triple overtime by a 4-3 decision to the Tigers.

Hastings lost just four matches across the three duals and took advantage of their complete lineup to the tune of 66 points off of 11 opponent forfeits.

Park Invitational

The competition Hastings faced at the Park Invitational was definitely a step up from what they faced at Tartan High School. The Raiders four wins came against two section opponents-Eagan, who they beat 51-12, and Park, who they defeated 53-21-perennial state-qualifier Albert Lea, who they beat in the championship 36-31, and then Blue Earth, who they beat in the first round 46-21. Below are the results by weight for all four duals:

106: Route won by a 11-1 major decision against Blue Earth, won by fall in 0:48 against Eagan, another win by fall in 3:03 against Park and then by fall again over his opponent from Albert Lea in 1:16.

113: Erickson lost by fall in 2:47 against the Buccaneers, won by fall in 1:38 against the Wildcats, lost a 2-0 decision versus the Wolfpack and by a 10-0 major decision to his opponent from the Tigers.

120: Reamer lost by fall in 0:41 in his first match, received a forfeit in his second, won by fall in 1:55 in his third and then lost by fall in 1:27 in the championship dual.

126: Myers lost by a 5-2 decision against Blue Earth, won by a 7-0 decision against Eagan, won by fall in 0:31 against rival Park and then won by fall in 1:28 against Albert Lea in the championship.

132: Lynden Wilson won by fall in 0:25 against the Buccaneers, lost by a 3-1 decision against the Wildcats and John Kendall won by fall in 1:54 against the Wolfpack before losing a 10-6 decision to the Tigers.

138: John Kendall lost by a 7-2 decision in the first round, sophomore Nolan Myers lost by a 4-1 decision in the second round before winning by fall in 3:26 in the third and Lynden Wilson lost a 7-1 decision in the championship.

145: Paul Kendall lost a 11-9 decision against Blue Earth, fell by a 5-0 decision against Eagan and won by pin in 1:44 against Albert Lea, while sophomore X`Zavier Deutsch was pinned in 2:33 against Park in the third round.

152: Mac Wilson won by a 11-6 decision in the first round, an 8-1 decision in the second, by a 13-0 major decision in the third and then lost a 3-1 decision in the championship.

160: McSorley beat his Buccaneer opponent by fall in 2:43, won a 9-1 decision over the Wildcats, received a forfeit against the Wolfpack and lost a 16-9 decision against the Tigers.

170: Leflay once again won all his matches by fall. He beat his opponent from Blue Earth in 2:23, the wrestler from Eagan in 0:54, his Park opponent in 0:51 and his championship match in 1:03.

182: O'Connor won by a 11-3 decision in his first match, received a forfeit in his second, won an 8-5 decision in his third and won by fall in 1:09 in the championship.

195: Pepple won by fall in 4:38 against the Buccaneers and by a 14-2 major decision against the Wolfpack, while Ali lost a 5-4 decision to the Wildcats and fell 9-3 to his Tiger opponent.

220: Klym won by fall in 1:57 in the first round and lost by fall in 1:41 in the third, Pepple received a forfeit in the second and lost by fall in 3:06 in the championship.

285: Chamberlain won by fall in 4:12 against Blue Earth and in 0:21 against Eagan, lost by fall in 1:17 against Park and received a forfeit against Albert Lea to seal the Raiders' victory.

Senior Corbin Leflay has carried over the momentum from a tremendous football season into wrestling as he went 7-0 with seven pins between the Tartan quad and Park Invitational. However, he, Pepple and the others will face much tougher competition next weekend at the acclaimed Minnesota Christmas Tournament, an individual competition held in Rochester that attracts some of the best teams from Minnesota and throughout the Midwest.