A is for Alf, B is for Beastie Boys and C is for, of course, cassette tapes.

That's the "ABCs of the '80s", as told by a new book written by former Hudson resident Desi Moore.

Moore grew up in North Hudson in the 80s, before taking a trip out to Los Angeles for the summer in 1997.

The summer ended, but she never left.

Moore found her artistic niche there, working as a movie poster designer. Her work includes well known posters like "Bridesmaids," "Mother" starring Jennifer Lawrnece, "Mad Max: Fury Road," and more, as well as TV posters such as "Mad Men" and "Game of Thrones."

In addition to designing posters and albums, she also owns her own art gallery, Showboat, that she curates, as well as painting and drawing her own work.

Recently Moore was hired by a woman who had the idea to create a book for kids to learn about the ABCs, while also learning about the 80s. The woman was a mother who wanted to share her childhood with her daughter.

"She was just sad that her daughter was never going to know about how she grew up and the things she was into, like a payphone," Moore said.

Moore, another 80s child, thought it was a great idea. She said she loves the 80s and everything associated with them.

"It was kind of fun to explore things, and be like 'Oh my God, I used to love jelly bracelets,'" Moore said.

The book is for all ages, Moore said, even those who know their ABCs, but don't know the 80s.

"They can learn about all the different fads and TV shows," Moore said.

And for those who know both, it's bound to bring up some memories.

Creating the book did require some legal work, Moore said. Some of the ABCs like Alf and E.T. are copyrighted properties, and Moore said they had to get clearances on them.

"Once we had it cleared, I had to draw the image and they'd have to approve it," Moore said.

A publisher picked up the book, and from there the focus was on the overall quality. They looked at everything down to the neon color of the cover.

"All the little nuances that made it feel of the time," Moore said.

The book is being sold in a variety of stores including Barnes and Noble and Target. It has also made its way to the local shelves at The Purple Tree in downtown Hudson.

Moore said she had wondered where the book would end up.

"It's really good to have it at The Purple Tree because it just brings it back home," Moore said.

Since this book, Moore said she has been approached to do more children's books.

To see more of Moore's work, visit desimoore.com.